How to get St Kitts & Nevis Citizenship by Investment?

It is not too simple to acquire citizenship in your chosen country. The criteria and investment of a whopping amount of money cause a real struggle for applicants. The countries never give this chance to all the applicants just for personal financial interests. A certain set of requirements must be met except for investing a large sum of money. If you want ST Kitts and Nevis economic citizenship to spend the rest of your life on that beautiful island, you will have to go through their criteria. For living in this region, you don’t need to be worried about breaking your bank. It really offers ease to the applicants so that they get citizenship without spending their whole life’s investment. Have a look at the procedure of obtaining residency by investment in this place and know about some other facts too.

  1. One of the oldest programs for citizenship has been offered by St Kitts and Nevis. The current number of successful applications for citizenship is 20,000. This is the number of people who are residing in this place. 
  2. The investment requirements are not as strict as in the US, UK, or Australia. They can either buy a real estate property for 400k USD or transfer money worth 150k USD to the funds of this state (which won’t be returned). The 400k USD can be reduced to 50% less for linked capitalists. The first option seems good as you will own property there. On the other hand, the second one offers you to save 50,000 USD without owning or buying anything. 
  3. The process of application is based on checking prior education, preparation of documents, monitoring due diligence, application acceptance, fulfillment of capital requirements, and obtaining a passport. 
  4. The better option is that you hire a consultant who’ll guide you well to follow all the required steps of the application. They will also keep you aware of all the updates related to the citizenship process. The number of investments changes according to the economic conditions of the states. The criteria of St Kitts and Nevis are not very strict for acquiring economic citizenship there. 
  5. The least possible time for the issuance of a passport is based on four to six months. 
  6. There are some conditions about adding family members to the application. The age of parents should be more than 55, brothers and sisters must not be older than 31 years and there’s no age restriction for the spouse. 

Whenever you think of hiring a consultant for citizenship assistance, you must focus on a few main factors. They must have ample prior experience. The person has positive previous work experiences with their clients. Also, look for the cheapest citizenship by investment program offered by a trusted company. In short, don’t go for any option that is just attracting you with mere claims. It’s an opportunity on which you’re spending a huge sum of money. So, you definitely expect a smooth execution of the entire application process.