How to be a Citizen in Antigua and Barbuda Through Investing

Antigua and Barbuda is an independent Caribbean nation known for its unique white-sand beaches, lush green lands, nesting colonies, and tropical vegetation. The place accepts varied cultures worldwide, making it an ideal destination for foreign nationals. The program offered in Antigua and Barbuda is the cheapest citizenship by investment. In addition, it provides an opportunity to visit 130 more nations in the world without a visa.

Funding Options Available

The country created this scheme to increase direct investment from foreign countries, promote monetary growth, and attract development. Below are the opportunities open under the citizenship scheme by investing in the country and settling down there.

Financing in a Property

Here the foreign national can get citizenship if he purchases a property in a development site approved by the government for not less than $400,000, which he should maintain for five years without resale. Or a joint acquisition option where any two foreign nationals have to pay an amount not less than $200,000 individually for acquiring a property.

Donation to the NDF

Here, the foreign national must expend an amount not less than $100,000 to finance the NDF-National Development Fund as a single payment for a person or family consisting of four people. And not less than $125,000 for a family with more than four people.

Establishing a Business

In the scheme, the individual must finance an amount not less than $1,500,000 to establish an authorized company where the duration varies according to the project. If it is combined funding, the whole amount must be not less than $5,000,000, and each individual must donate $400,000. 

Funding in West Indies University

Here the foreign national must fund an amount not less than $150,000 for a family having six or more people. Each extra member dependent on the person must have an additional $15,000. In addition, the scheme will permit a person from your family to get a scholarship at the West Indies University for a year.

Why Citizenship with Funding in the County?

  • It offers free transit opportunities to 150 nations without the necessity of a visa,
  • Citizenship gives access to global income that has no tax requirement,
  • The person can include his children, spouse and parents who are financially dependent on him or are disabled,
  • No tax for legacy or prosperity for a person holding this citizenship,
  • Has an option to retain the current citizenships you have along with the new citizenship,
  • No need for any skills, educational qualifications or working experience to acquire the citizenship permit through investing in the country, and 
  • You will receive second citizenship within three to a maximum of four months from the date of its application.

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