Crane comes in various shapes and sizes, and they have different functions and workings. A strong factory structure consists of multiple types of cranes useful to make things productive, like an underslung EOT crane, double and single girder cranes, and much more. These cranes prove effective for all the material handling solutions starting from unloading the material to docking and ending off. Even though these cranes are popular and widely used, people still have many questions about them, and they are confused about EOT cranes.

Here is everything you want to know to understand EOT cranes:

  1. What is an EOT Crane? It stands for Electric overhead traveling crane, which supports the functions of material handling at a company. These are attached overhead on the roofs or reinforced with a structure on the ground. There is a hoist attached to the rafter that functions in carrying heavy objects.
  1. What are the two main types of EOT cranes?

Single girder crane: These cranes come with a single grid and function to carry light-weighted objects. One can control the hoist and the rail passages through remotes and the operation center and do things according to the need. These are the most basic handling solution that is a must for almost all types of factories. One can utilize it for everyday tasks and make the processing less time-consuming.

Double girder crane: It is an advanced and a bigger version of the single ones. These are far better and more effective since they can carry many loads and prove to be cost-effective. There are two trolleys and two railways connecting the sides and functioning better. If you have a high-capacity building, it would be easier for you to install this.

  1. What are the main features of an EOT crane?
  • It is a piece of advanced factory machinery, considered as one of the most helpful cranes.
  • It can carry weighty materials that a human being cannot even move.
  • It is highly effective for the transportation of goods within a factory.
  • The material of the cranes is solid, and it can sustain for an extended period.
  • It requires low maintenance contrasted to any other tool in the factory.
  • It is multi-functional and serves many purposes.
  1. Where can we use an EOT crane? One can use these cranes at many places where there is an influx of raw material coming in since they are adequate for unloading, carrying, and moving the material around a space. You will find the most use at nuclear power plants, regular power plants, fabric industries, cement companies, steel manufacturers, and other services.

An EOT system is a highly effective crane process that uplifts the overall functioning of your work, and Emech produces the best of these for you. With us, you will find a wide range of cranes, be it underslung EOT crane, single or double grinders, or anything else; we have got you covered. Contact us now, and get a customized solution for all your material handling problems.

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