Dubai Beyond the City: Exploring the Emirates with a Rental Car

Dubai’s multicultural and beautiful bustling life is certainly a captivating target . Nonetheless the United Arab Emirates has many more offers beyond the fringe of this sound capital. With “rent car Dubai” , you can enjoy the amazing and memorable traveling to discover the covered attractive and captivating wonders and beauties of the capital emirate.

Don’t worry, we will help you make the most of your experience, exploring the natural beauty that lies outside the city of Dubai’s framework.

1) Journey with “rent a car Dubai” to  Abu Dhabi

If you have planned for the long trip with  “rent a car Dubai”, consider  the attractive place Dubai to Abu dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates. The journey takes approximately 2 hours depending on the traffic terms and  conditions. You will view the  desert realm , involving the well known  rub al khali. In Abu Dhabi , discover the attractions for example  sheik zayed mosque , and the beauty waterfront.

2) Memorable journey with “rent a car Dubai” to Al Ain 

Rent a car Dubai and Al ain  is renowned as the city of beauties or city of garden of the capital united arab emirates is the lavish oasis in the veins of the desert. Travel two hours from Dubai to experience the beautiful vegetation, traditional forts and the wildlife of the al ain zoo.Don’t forget to discover the world heritage site of the al ain , in that place you can wander by the palm garden and also explore the irrigation systems.

3) Amazing journey with “rent a car Dubai”in Shajarah

With the “rent a car Dubai” and embark on the journey , Shajarah is the beautiful and attractive capital of the United Arab emirates. Engulf yourself in the rich qualities heritage of the area by traveling to the sharjah arts museum, and the beautiful resorted fort of sharjah. Take pictures of the markets of the sharjah  and smooth walk with amazing and memorable al noor island

4) Amazing travel with “rent a car Dubai” in Ras Al Khaimah 

With the rent a car Dubai and search for the most attractive place ras al khaimah , this place is stand hour and hour from the dubai to discover the amazing challenges and peaceful mind activities like hiking in the Hajar mountains, searching for the jebel the famous place and attractive place and involving the waterpool along with natural beauty beaches. Don’t forget the chance to travel to the Dhayah fort and the conventional ghost village al Hamra Jazirah

5) Unforgettable journey with “rent a car Dubai”to Fujairah

Easy way to fujairah, rent a car  Dubai and move toward the fujairah, it’s almost two hour driving from the dubai and will reach to this beautiful emirate well known attractive beaches and water ponds like the crystal glas.Discover the other places  and take the memorable pictures of these sites like al Bhidyah mosque and marine life at the fujairah marine safety area.

6) Memorable traveling with “rent a car Dubai”to Al Quwain

With The memorable scenery of Al Quwain, tourists appreciated this place, positioned on the edge of the beautiful dubai.  “Rent a car  Dubai” and move to this peaceful desert oasis, which is built by a synthetic man made  lake encircled by wildlife. This area is best for the visitors and for the picnic, riding and appreciating the calm environment and serenity away from the city’s commotion. Capture the natural beauty , take the pictures of beautiful places and residences and other passage migrants.

7) Traveling with “rent a car Dubai” to Hatta

 Rent  a car Dubai and enjoy  the trip  to hatta, standing approximately 130 km away, a calm surrounding  area cuddling in the Hajar mountains.The path moving to hatta is encircled by the amazing  realm , involving tough mountains, waterways and established villages. Once you arrive at the hatta place , discover the attraction and beauty like hatta heritage, dam of hatta and relish the open air games and activities   such as hiking  and kayaking.

Final verdict

Keep in mind the rules and regulations of the native traffic. Always you have the traveling license, security documents with you. Its suggestion is to have a GPS or the online map to navigate the paths and be aware of any charges and places charges. With “rent a car Dubai” , you have the right to go outside the city and discover the various realms and attractive places of the emirate.