Real estate has always been a good and safe option of investment that is bound to make a profit after some time period. If we talk about Dubai and the business of real estate in Dubai especially in Dubai Hills, the factor of successful business and corporate investment is in very good shape there. There are many upscale real estate projects going on there, many of which are completely constructed and are close to booking also. The reason lies in their excellent features and a smooth and tension free process of booking also.

One “city within a city” type of project currently going on full flash there is the MBR properties for sale. As stated formerly, it is a mini city that is surrounded by the actual city. Mohammad Bin Rashid City is a dream of luxurious housing and ecological lifestyle perfectly combined with the easy provision of every facility a community of human needs. This luxurious city is surrounded by green areas and high-end commercial areas that strike the perfect balance between a healthy and a fast-paced lifestyle.

Why should you buy a property there? What is the specialty of MBR housing scheme? Well, by the end of this article you will definitely be longing for buying a property there, because I am about to list what you have always been looking for.


The area of MBR city is quite widespread, about 54 million square feet. This gives them a well-deserved status of a mini city. With their center of attention towards the residential sector, retail area, entrepreneurship and arts, they have been placed as a reputable and distinguishable housing scheme than the other ones in the market.


They have come forth with the ultimate goal to maintain a healthy lifestyle along with providing all the luxuries. For this the city is built around a beautiful beach, a vast area of greenery, and gleaming crystal lagoons. MBR city is a dream come true for nature lovers.


The city is planned in such a way that offers state of the art institutions like the Mall of the World, Theme Parks you have never seen before, art galleries and golf courses. They add to the luxury of life and are a great way of spending your precious time constructively.


Their beauty lies in their network that is widespread and connects every major road to the city. This gives to easy access to every other place in all of Dubai. You will always be living in the main city within the city.


In the end, their world class services can never be ignored. They are the main attraction to the project. You can customize your place of investment according to your budget and other needs on their website! That is such a good and easy way that does not include having to call a representative and have the whole conversation and bargaining over the phone.

If it does not gives you butterflies in your stomach, you can always look for other options of the same caliber like you can buy Villas in Dubai Hills. Happy investment!